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The sinking of concrete slabs, such as garage floors, sidewalks, driveways, roadways, and pool decks, is a fairly common occurrence. Although the primary cause is the erosion or settlement of the soil situated underneath the slab, from weight and water infiltration, underground tree root system growth and pest burrowing can also create the same end result.

Traditionally, the process of mudjacking was the method for concrete lifting and leveling in Reno, and nationwide also. Even though this process works and Reno Concrete Leveling can expertly perform it, there have been modern advancements making mudjacking for Reno properties a lesser strategy.

All of our trained contractors at Reno Concrete leveling have a ton of experience in Reno, Nevada mudjacking and spray foam injecting services. We have a tested and verified polyurethane spray foam system that offers many advantages over traditional mudjacking techniques. Read on to find out more about the comparison of these two methods.

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Mudjacking Reno NV
Concrete Leveling Mudjacking Reno NV

Reno, Nevada Mudjacking Vs. PolyLevel Spray Foam

The mudjacking process starts by drilling several, quarter-sized holes into the cement slab. Next, a combination of water, sand, cement and other materials are hydraulically injected underneath the slab.

The hydraulic nature of the material’s implementation – being under extreme pressure – lifts the uneven and sunken concrete slab into its original position. In many cases, Reno mudjacking is sufficient to meet this goal. However, the mud used in mudjacking can add up to 150 pounds per cubic foot to the underside of the slab. If the soil or slurry fill was not correctly and completely compacted, the weakness can remain and voids will continue to arise.

There are plenty of Reno-based projects where mudjacking would be a fine solution. Then again, there are many Reno Concrete Leveling and Lifting projects that were significantly improved through the use of polyurethane spray foam. Either way, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to perform these tasks to your exact specifications.

With the combination of modern knowledge and technology, PolyLevel Spray foam has many advantages over the commonly used mudjacking:

  • Light Weight: Our spray foam applies only 4lbs. per cubic foot versus the 120lbs. average from traditional concrete or mud.

  • Accurate Lifts: Calculated, evenly spaced spray foam injections ensure a more controlled, precise lift of the slab.

  • Soil Conservation and Consolidation: The expansion of the spray foam, during the curing process, can penetrate large and small voids equally well, bolstering the soil’s ability to maintain the weight above and decreasing subsequent soil erosion.

  • Greater Lifting and Supporting Strength: Even though fully cured spray polyurethane is very lightweight, it can support much heavier loads than mudjacking for your Reno home or business.

  • Rapidly Ready-to-Use: Mudjacking can put your Reno property out of commission for hours to days, to complete its curing, whereas PolyLevel is ready to use almost immediately.

  • Injection Hole Size: the larger, more numerous hole bored into a concrete slab, used for mudjacking in Reno, can leave behind a dotted, unattractive appearance. The penny-sized holes drilled in spray foam injecting are nearly invisible after filling.

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Why replace your entire concrete slab when it’s still structurally sound? Should you attempt to DIY the concrete repair for your Reno home or business?

First of all, any of our concrete repair services are the only answer to your concrete issues. Purchasing an entire new slab won’t take care of the sunken soil underneath.

And second, neither mudjacking nor PolyLevel spray foam injection should be undertaken by anyone other than professionals, like us. The process requires experienced techniques and commercial-grade equipment to obtain quality, lasting results.

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