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Are parts of your driveway, sidewalk, or patio sunken down, requiring concrete lifting in or around Reno, Nevada?

Is your commercial roadway, runway, or foundation no longer level, pooling water, or significantly lower in sections than when originally installed?

The Reno Concrete Leveling team has all of the answers. Our highly trained and seasoned staff uses spray foam insulation as an alternative to traditional mudjacking, a procedure we are also well versed in.

Both mudjacking and, the more modern PolyLevel spray foam injecting, can be used to repair, lift, and level concrete slabs of any size, throughout the Reno area. Once our on-site evaluation is completed, our team will determine which method is best for your job needs.

Our concrete lifting services in Reno can help all local homes and businesses by lifting their concrete slabs to a level position, creating a waterproof seal and resilient, longstanding stability.

Furthermore, once concrete lifting is performed for your Reno property, many problematic and dangerous issues will be resolved.

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Concrete Lifting Benefits from Reno Concrete Leveling

From the slab leading to the front door or the garage apron of your home or business to sections of your pool surround or building foundation, when these areas become sunken and uneven, they require professional concrete lifting in Reno to eliminate tripping and falling hazards.

That’s where we come in. Not only can we perform concrete lifting in and around Reno, Nevada, to remove potential health and safety risks, but our knowledgeable installers will also use injected spray foam to evenly lift your concrete slab back into its original position.

Drainage paths along the outskirts of a concrete patio, pool surround, or foundation are put in place to serve a very important purpose: to guide water away from the seams and edges of a structure’s foundation. When your concrete slabs sink and drop, the water can no longer be effectively directed away and, therefore, it pools and collects in places it shouldn’t be allowed to.

Our concrete leveling processes in Reno can easily, safely, and efficiently protect your property from further sinking, mold and water damage from continued pooling, and foundation instability and compromise.

With professionally installed concrete leveling materials by Reno Concrete Leveling, you’ll be able to retain, or increase, your property value and improve the aesthetics of the concrete area or feature.

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Why replace your entire concrete slab when it’s still structurally sound? Should you attempt to DIY the concrete repair for your Reno home or business?

First of all, our concrete lifting experience and trained skills are the only answer to your concrete issues. Purchasing an entire new slab won’t take care of the sunken soil underneath.

And second, neither mudjacking nor PolyLevel spray foam injection should be undertaken by anyone other than professionals, like us. The process requires experienced techniques and commercial-grade equipment to obtain quality, lasting results.

Call or click now to schedule a no-commitment consultation and free estimate from the professionals at Reno Concrete Leveling.

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