Concrete Leveling for Reno Nevada Properties

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If the concrete in or around your Reno property is cracked, uneven, lifted up, and/or sunken in, then Reno Concrete Leveling is the solution. We use a state-of-the-art, proven material – PolyLevel, polyurethane spray foam – to restore your concrete slabs to new, despite which issue is the cause.

Our experienced, trained team uses specific commercial equipment to fill in the spaces where the soil has sunken, or environmental forces have raised, using the spray foam techniques and material.

Tripping hazards and pooling water, the main concerns caused by uneven and damaged concrete, will be eliminated with our leveling services for your Reno-based home or business.

Reno Concrete Leveling can safely, quickly, and efficiently restore:

  • Concrete patios and landings
  • Concrete driveways
  • Interior floor slabs
  • Concrete pool decks or pool surrounds
  • Sunrooms with concrete floors
  • Concrete roadways and parking areas
  • Airport runways
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Why Concrete Leveling in Reno, Nevada?

The first reason is how leveling concrete works in and around Reno.

For many reasons, all of which are out of our control, the soil directly underneath a concrete slab can settle, diminish, or become washed away. This leaves behind voids or, empty spaces, beneath the slab causing it to sink, creating an uneven surface.

Second, what type of leveling protects you and your Reno property from.

If left unattended, sunken slabs of concrete that are no longer level can become more easily cracked, create widening gaps, and test their load-bearing capacity more with each passing day.

Uneven, settled slabs of concrete create increasingly significant risks without professional restoration and repair. Sunken sidewalks, driveways, and pool surroundings pose harmful safety hazards. The concrete floor of a factory that’s cracked, settled, and sinking in one or more areas can cause structural instability. And the same can be said for concrete roadways and airport runways.

Thankfully, Reno Concrete Leveling can use one material and many, highly trained skills to fix any issue in any of the areas within, or outside, your Reno home or business that’s in need of a leveling in your concrete.

PolyLevel, an injectable form of spray foam insulation, is a high-density, lightweight material that we use to completely fill voids, and lift and stabilize your concrete slabs. After drilling two small holes into the slab, the two-part formula is hosed into an accurate, perfect level; only shortly after does the expansion begin.

Our expertly performed repair process results in a waterproof repair for concrete on your Reno property that’s a lot more permanent than slightly older, commonly used methods. Also, with a 15-minute curing time, spray foam injection allows for a rapid return to full use.

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Why replace your entire concrete slab when it’s still structurally sound? Should you attempt to DIY the concrete repair for your Reno home or business?

First of all, our concrete leveling knowledge and experience are the only answer to your concrete issues. Purchasing an entire new slab won’t take care of the sunken soil underneath.

And second, neither mudjacking nor PolyLevel spray foam injection should be undertaken by anyone other than professionals, like us. The process requires experienced techniques and commercial-grade equipment to obtain quality, lasting results.

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