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Concrete Repair Reno, Nevada

Is it finally time to invest in a concrete repair for your Reno-based home or business? If the answer is “yes”, or you’re simply not sure, Reno Concrete Leveling offers on-site inspections and free estimates to determine which of our many repair options is best for you. We then follow that up with affordable, top-quality concrete repair services.

Concrete was and still is, one of the strongest, most resilient construction materials out there. However, there are several reasons why it can become cracked, sunken, and/or not level: wear and tear, chemical exposure, poor quality installation, extreme temperatures, and natural, and environmental changes.

These factors, which occur with the settling of concrete, can result in potentially harmful tripping and falling hazards, pooling cavities of water, and uneven, low-quality appearance – thereby lowering the value of your home or business.

For all kinds of concrete repair, in and around Reno, Nevada, our professional, expertly trained staff can return your concrete surfaces to the state they were in when first installed. We use modern technology and techniques, both old and new, to seal, level, lift, repair, protect, and revitalize the look of your home or business’ concrete.

Concrete Repair Services in Reno, Nevada

All of us at Reno Concrete Leveling want to produce the very best results for your concrete slab issues. We have the experience and knowledge to do so for each and every customer’s home or business.

Depending on your wants and needs, we offer options pertaining to how we go about leveling, lifting, and/or concrete repairing for your Reno-based property.

  • Concrete Leveling for Reno Residents:  To regain a level concrete slab, we use one of two methods: mudjacking, which we will discuss shortly, or spray foam filling or, PolyLevel. Depending on how and where your Reno concrete repair is needed, either option is feasible and we have extensive expertise in the performance of both.

    Each of our services has its own page that has a lot more information to help you determine your needs. Be sure to dive into them to gain a better understanding.

  • Reno, Nevada Concrete Lifting: Like leveling, concrete lifting can be mitigated by our high-quality application of either method – mudjacking or polyurethane foam filling or, PolyLevel. And the reasons why these problems occur are the same. No matter the type or location of your slab requiring concrete repair in or around Reno – patio, garage floor, pool deck, walkway, etc. – the sinking and/or imbalance is due to voids created underneath due to soil erosion and/or tree root growth infiltration.

  • Mudjacking or Slabjacking in Reno: Mudjacking is a more traditional service we provide for Reno concrete repairs. Our highly trained staff can reach comparable results using a mixture of materials: cement, topsoil, and water. There are a few applications where mudjacking would not be ideal, which is why Reno Concrete Leveling promotes expertise in both methods. See our dedicated mudjacking service page for more detailed information.


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Why replace your entire concrete slab when it’s still structurally sound? Should you attempt to DIY the concrete repair for your Reno home or business?

First of all, any of our concrete repair services are the only answer to your concrete issues. Purchasing an entire new slab won’t take care of the sunken soil underneath.

And second, neither mudjacking nor PolyLevel spray foam injection should be undertaken by anyone other than professionals, like us. The process requires experienced techniques and commercial-grade equipment to obtain quality, lasting results.

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